PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Which Is Better?

PHP Programing language

PHP or Python or Ruby-on-Rails (RoR): Today we going to discuss which is the best programming language / technology for starting a career in web app development in the year 2018 PHP vs Python vs Ruby? you will learn Which Programming Language is better to learn in 2018. Many students search on the internet which is best programing language for them & companies also search the best option for making their website. Actually, every programing language has its own advantages, disadvantages or pros, cons. It totally depends on your requirement of website development.

Today in this blog post, I will try to clear your many doubts related to these programming languages, so that you can choose the best one according to your needs & goals & requirements. Here, I’ll show you a comparison between these three most powerful programming technologies. PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR). Read this comparison post on the basis of various stats and data on different parameters. So, let’s start with the battle between these 3 programming languages ie: PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR).

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  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Total Market Share

Usage statistics of any programming language provide us an idea of the popularity of any language

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner- PHP

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Website Built Using These Programing Languages

Wikipedia, Facebook, PixelCrayons, to name a few popular websites which are great example of PHP WEB Development.  Ruby-on-Rails also has some reputed clients like Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, etc. Tthe king of all search engines called Google made by Python coding. YouTube also made by coding of Python.

Winner- Tie

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Usability

It is one of the most important factors which should be considered for your website development project. All programming languages create an interface between computer and user. A language with high usability helps you to develop more powerful, scalable and high performing websites. Here is a comparison between PHP, Python, and Ruby on the basis of its Usability:

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner– Ruby-on-Rails (RoR)

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Learning Curve

It is also an important parameter.  Ease of learning or Learning Curve helps you to choose a programming language as your career. A programming language with high learning curve value makes your way easy-to-understand and helps you to code clean and accurate. Among these three, Python provides the best learning curve, PHP comes second and last is Ruby-on-rails.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner- Python

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Popularity Comparison

No doubt, now a day PHP is one of the most used languages in the world. It is one of the oldest languages given high quality coders and customer base to the world. The other two languages viz. Ruby & Python are relatively new hence are less popular as compared to PHP

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner- PHP

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Performance Comparison

It is very crucial for any programming language if you do Performance comparison. Best performing language provide helps to produce scalable, secure and speedy websites or projects.

The two parameters average run time and lines of codes help you to understand and compare the performance of these three languages.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner- Ruby & PHP

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Most Discussed Language

Most discussed programming language helps you to create website & projects. If any language is popular or is most discussed around the world, a big community created automatically that helps you to solve your problems in minimum time. Most discussed language also has a good support.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner- Python

  1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Job Posting & Salary

Analyzing the number of jobs available for any programming language is quite important. For a job seeker, it is important to get an idea of ease-of-availability of jobs for any programming language.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Winner- PHP

  1. Other Information PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Let’s have a look at some other important information about these three popular languages:

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

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