how to write an seo friendly post?

How To Write An SEO Friendly Post

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Content is still king and content relevancy is even more important for making blog posts better, for this we have to learn “how to write an SEO friendly post?”. To maximize relevancy, it takes even more than simply good content or great design. Even if you have a top rocking topic for your audience, there is still a lot to remember for crafting solid blog posts worth reading.   so lets start,

how to write an SEO friendly post?

  1. Create Quality Content
  • Focus a specific niche blog topic for a specific target audience.
  • Make sure that your work is relevant to your niche and up-to-date.
  • Always provide strategies, tips, how to create an articles or entertaining content for your specific target audience and topic. Add value for readers so that they can find valuable information from your blog posts and your article become memorable as a useful resource for valuable information on your topic

  1. Write a Eye-Catchy Headline for your blog post
  • Always Create catchy title and an introduction for your articles that will make your readers to read the rest of your post.
  • Explain your readers what your post is about..
  1. Maximize readability for readers and search engines
  • Keep your sentences as short as possible and as long as necessary for the articles
  • Organize your post in sections with less than 300 words with strong subheadings and paragraphs with less than 150 words
  • Always Include 1 internal link & 1 external links for related topics, articles. Use a language and wording that suit to your target readers.
  • Always use Proofread for spelling errors and grammar.


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  1. Create SEO friendly blog posts & use desired keywords

  • Include focus keyword in the heading & introduction as well as in subheadings.
  • Use focus keyword in image alt tags, in title and in descriptions.
  • Use keywords in anchor tags for internal links.
  • Always use relevant context to place your keywords in the article and keyword density should be between 1-3%.
  • Try to write Post title in less than 57 characters. And an introduction should be less than 160 characters to meet the requirements for “title” and “meta description” for making the POST SEO friendly so that search engines captured the post easily.

               If you are using wordpress you can use Yoast Plugin for SEO and readability and can learn  “how to write a seo friendly post?”. In my website I am using Yoast Seo Plugin. You can use Yoast free or Premium Plugin, according to your need.

  1. Always use images and videos for more clicks
  • Try to add video tutorials or technical instructions with explained screenshots.
  • Always share pros and cons related to blog content, step-by-step-guides, flow charts
  • Always use images related to your blog post and don’t overstuff your blog posts with visuals.
  1. Use links and strong CTAs (strong call-to-actions) for your blog post
  • Use links for related blog posts to guide your readers to further readings on your site.
  • Always use subscribe for newsletter or for new posts. Create a list of subscriber & send them new post notification regularly.
  • Ask your readers to read on or comment on your post or to grab a white paper, a checklist or an e-book by using strong call-to-actions (CTAs).
  1. Promote blog post on social media
  • Share posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , LinkedInand other social platforms, but share them at different times and days.
  • Share your blog post images on Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, using your focus image with your introduction, hashtags and a link to your post.You can also share your images on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to re-share your posts with different visual anchors.
  • Share your blog post in special interest communities such as Reddit.
  • Also share a link to your blog post to social bookmark networks such as Diigo, Digg, StumbleUpon.
  • Schedule your posts at the best times for each network and across several days, weeks and month to extend the lifespan of your posts and Re-shareand re-schedule your evergreen posts from time to time to revive them.
  • Syndicate and re-publish your post on Medium, Tumblr, Linkedin Pulse, Bloglovin, but wait for 3-7 days to let Google index your original blog post first.
  • Note: Each social network offers different options for promoting your content and communities communities react differently to post formats. Each network is used for different purposes and has rush hours at different times. To effectively cross-promote your blog post, don’t just cross-post the same message on every social network. Tailor the message for your posts to fit each social media platform and audience.

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