How to start a Blog in 2018

How to start a Blog in 2018

How to start a Blog in 2018

if you are thinking about How to start a blog in 2018 then there were a lot of things that I had to care about. There are many steps that every blogger has to do when they started their blog.

Many people asked to about how to start blogging? and they want to know about step by step because people are thinking that blogging has the very complicated process.

So today I just think to write about every step which involves starting a blog effectively.

Choose the Topic

Choosing the topic is the basic and first step to start a blog. The topic is the center of your blog. The topic is your content on which you will be writing about.

Let an example…

There is a man and his name is Mr.A. He is a Full-time freelancer since two years back. And he is expert in freelancing because he is doing it from years back. He has done many projects on various freelancer sites. and got hundreds of good reviews. He is earning well as a freelancer.

One day he decided to start blogging. Then he starts thinking about the topic of his blog on which he will write about. So he starts thinking about his skills. it is clear that he has good experience and knowledge about Freelancing so he starts writing about freelancer and how to be a successful freelancer?

Basics I want to say is that always choose topic according to your experience or knowledge. Explore yourself deeply and find in which you are the expert?

Choosing a topic according to your area of expertise and knowledge will always be successful and your blog will definitely grow fast.

Choose a Platform

As like a land is the base of a building as the same Blogging platform is the base of a blog. There a number of platforms available on the internet. But it is very confusing to choose one of them.

This is the main blogging platform which you can choose…

  1. WordPress .org(self-hosted)
  2. Wix
  3. WordPress .com: Create a free website or blog
  4. Blogger
  5. Tumblr
  6. Medium
  7. Squarespace
  8. Joomla
  9. Ghost
  10. Weebly

I like two platforms from the list because I have personally tried both.

1st is WordPress .org (self-hosted)

I Love WordPress. WordPress .org is the real WordPress it is the very popular blogging platform and tons of websites and blogs are running on WordPress .org.

It is the 100% free platform. You need own domain and hosting to start a blog that the reason we called it a self-hosted platform.

But everything has its own advantages and disadvantages as well.

WordPress .org Pros

  1. It is free and very simple to use.
  2. You own your data by creating the database and you can easily move to another platform or Hosting. It is very easy to migrate because you have full control on your website/blog.
  3. Plugins are the heart of the WordPress but you can use it only in WordPress self-hosted blog (WordPress .org). There are more than thousands of plugins available in WordPress some are free and some are paid.
  4. You can choose Themes and customize it according to your need. Themes are also free and paid.
  5. You can create a membership site and sell your product or content.

WordPress .org Cons

WordPress .org has few cons it is a very good platform to use. WordPress .org is free we all know but it required domain and hosting for which we have to pay approx $5 every month.

And the Second one is Blogger which I like most. Blogger is also known as Blogspot. Blogger is a Google Product and fully owned by Google.

And as a said above there are also some pros and some cons as well of Blogger.

2nd is Blogger

Blogger is the free blogging platform which offered by Google and the main feature of blogger is, it is 100 % free and very useful was for the beginners.

Blogger Pros

  1. Blogger is fully free platform and it is not required any charge for hosting and other things. You can run your blog without spending a single penny on your Blog.
  2. You can also run your blog live without purchasing a domain because blogging giving free domain like Domain .blogspot .in and you can also change it to your custom domain.
  3. It is Owned by Google so it is the very great advantage of blogger.
  4. Blogger is very simple to use and customize. Blogger has a very simple interface and this is very easy for new bloggers to use.

It is a good option for all beginners to launch their first blog on blogger.

Blogger Cons

  1. Blogger is the free platform so it has few themes to choose.
  2. We can not customize blogger blog because we can not use plugins on blogger.

Mostly I like that two platforms which I mention above but you can try all my list. Every platform has its own features.

Purchase Domain and Hosting

After selecting a platform for your blog. Then now you have to purchase a domain and hosting for your blog.

There are much Domain and Hosting Providers available which are offer domain and hosting both in a package which is made for beginners.

Some of the Hosting and Domain Providers, I have listed below which are very good you can choose one from it…


I have Personally experienced Godaddy. I have purchase Hosting and .in domain for my blog techshub My experience was good with Godaddy and I am highly recommended it.

I have seen many people who are complaining that Godaddy has not good customer support. But I have personally experienced when I was in problem GoDaddy team was always there for me.

So I am highly recommended it…

Godaddy is offer hosting and domain in cheap price.

 How to start a Blog in 2018


Bluehost is the one of top Hosting provider company. It is the first choice for the top bloggers. Below is the plans page of Bluehost…

How to start a Blog in 2018 

There are many other hosting and domain providers are available but I like this to most.

Choose A Theme

Choosing a stylish theme is just like you are decorating your home with coloring your walls with good colors and placing everything in a good manner.

A theme gives a look to your blog or website. So choose a theme carefully. If you are using WordPress self-hosted blog then you have many themes to choose some are premium which looks awesome and some are free which also good looking.

Final Step is Content

Now Your Blog is live so don’t waste time and start writing content for your blog because the content is the king.

The tips for creating content for blog…

  • Your Content should be unique.
  • Write in detail and write friendly.
  • Use images in your post because one image says thousands of words.
  • Use Eye-catching headings.


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